Night Stalker Scholarship Program

The Night Stalker Foundation (NSF) is proud to announce the continuation of the Night Stalker scholarship program for 2021. The scholarship program provides the opportunity for qualified applicants to receive financial assistance in pursuit of their higher education.

The NSF is a non-profit, tax exempt IRS 501(c)(3) organization. Scholarships are awarded without regard to race, color, gender, religion, national origin, age, physical ability, sexual orientation, rank or sponsor’s position.

In order to memorialize our fallen heroes and permanently remember those that have given the ultimate sacrifice while in the service with the Regiment, the NSF started naming scholarships in their honor three years ago. In a joint effort with the Families of the Fallen names are randomly selected, half of the names from before September 11, 2001 and half of the names of the fallen after 9/11.

This year we will have 30 scholarships named for our fallen Night Stalkers. It is the Foundation’s goal to have all the fallen with scholarships named in their honor for perpetuity. The recipients of these scholarships will be recognized during the Families of the Fallen annual dinner.

Read all instructions carefully before completing the application. Please insure that requested documentation is provided in the application as requested by the NSF scholarship committee. If you are not able to answer or provide specific information, please explain why.

The deadline for submitting applications is March 19, 2021. Any applications or documentation received after this date will not be accepted.

Congratulations on your pursuit of higher education and good luck to you in your future endeavors.

Wes Komulainen
Director of Education Assistance Night Stalker Foundation
11304 Bell Station Road, Oak Grove, KY 42262


A digital photo and brief biography are required and will be used in the event the awardee is selected to receive one of the named scholarships.

Should you receive a scholarship, your school will be notified that the NSF scholarship is a last payer scholarship, which means that if you receive other scholarships, such as GI Bill, TN Education Lottery Scholarship, etc., they will be applied to your expenses first. Any unused NSF scholarship funds will be returned to the NSF.

Paper scholarship applications will not be accepted. The application, transcripts, ACT/SAT, and any other documents that the applicant wants the scholarship selection committee to take into consideration must be sent in a SINGLE DOCUMENT PDF format. In separate documents, the photo must be in a picture format and the brief biography must be in MS Word format.

A one-page essay is required to be submitted with the application. See paragraph 6 in the application.

In order to be eligible for this scholarship, the sponsor or individual must be a current active duty or have previously been an active duty Night Stalker.

Only active duty enlisted soldiers currently assigned to the unit are eligible for category III scholarships.

Given the available funds this year, the top applicants (target of 90%) will receive scholarships for undergraduate study. The Scholarship Committee will consider graduate applications on a year-to-year basis.

When the application is received by the NSF, the applicant will get a reply email within 3 days, stating that the application has been received. If the applicant has not heard from the NSF within 72 hours, it is the applicants’ responsibility to contact the NSF and verify their application has been received and accepted. We have had instances in previous years where sent files have not been received, so this process is an attempt to overcome that shortcoming. If the received application is not complete, it will be returned to the applicant for completion at this time. If the information requested is not available, please provide an explanation. Applications received after the deadline will not be eligible for the 2021 NSF scholarship program.

In the following instructions, anything not specifically addressed is assumed to be self-explanatory. If applicants have any questions, please email questions to the NSF.




The Applicant Information Section must be completed to determine eligibility to apply for an NSF Scholarship.

Select one from the categories below and enter in application.

  • I – Spouse of any Active Duty Soldier currently assigned to the unit.
  •  II – Legal dependent of any current or previous active duty member of the unit. (Legal dependent must be eligible to be claimed on the sponsor’s 2020 IRS tax return).
  • III – Active Duty Enlisted Soldier currently assigned to the unit.

Where the application asks for the “current academic year”, the application is asking for the student’s level of education at the beginning of the current term; i.e. freshman, sophomore, junior or senior.

The scholarship funds will be sent directly to the school to be put in the student’s account. Insure that school and personal contact information on the application is accurate and complete.

All requested information must be filled in and must legible.


All requested information must be filled in and must legible.


Both applicant and sponsor/parent are required to read and complete the Statement of Certification. Sponsor must be a current member or previous active duty member of the unit. If the sponsor is unable to sign, please provide an explanation why and have a parent sign.


Cumulative Grade Point Average: Submit the latest transcript that clearly states your cumulative GPA. If student did not attend school in 2020 explain why and provide the latest transcript available. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable. DO NOT have your school mail us your transcript.


Applications have all identifying individual information removed before scoring. Only the NSF Director of Education knows the identity of applicants at this point in the process. A minimum of three Scholarship Selection Committee scorers will evaluate your application and apply a numerical score to the following categories: Educational information & transcript, clubs and organizations you were a part of, community service, athletic participation, recognition & awards, essay and financial need. The scores are totaled, and the highest scored applicants receive the greatest amount. Zero points will be awarded to any category left blank and not explained.


Application and related documentation must be received no later than March 19, 2021.

If you cannot provide the requested information, provide an explanation as to why. You will be allowed to make correction to your application up to the deadline for turn in. Once the deadline has passed no corrections will be accepted and the application will be graded as is.

The scholarship funds awarded will be for the Fall semester of 2021 and Spring semester of 2022. On a case-by-case basis, exceptions can be made for the disposition of funds, but the NSF must be contacted as soon as possible. The funds will be applied toward the costs of college or vocational school attendance such as, tuition, fees, books, supplies,housing and meals. Funds will be available for use beginning the Fall term of 2021. The funds not used for the stated purpose will be returned to the Night Stalker Foundation.


  • Applicant and Sponsor Information Sections completed.
  • Statement of Certification completed. Both applicant and sponsor/parent signatures are required. If the sponsor is unable to sign, please provide an explanation why and have a parent sign.
  • Completed Evaluation Section (ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS)
  • Completed one-page essay
  • Photo and Bio
  • School Transcripts, ACT/SAT, additional supporting documentation

Application must be emailed in accordance with the instructions to no later than midnight March 19, 2021. DO NOT include sensitive information in unsecure email. No paper scholarship applications will be accepted.

Application related questions may be addressed directly to:
Wes Komulainen or Gayle Gonzalez at